April 2024 Newsletter

Parvo again!
We are back to battling the dreaded parvo yet again! We took in four 4-5 month old puppies: Eclipse, Venus, Astra and Sully. Eclipse and Venus broke with parvo Thursday night, just before they were planned to go on transport to one of our rescue partners. We regularly purchase parvo tests that we can administer, so we can test pups the minute we suspect they could have parvo. Early detection and treatment is critical in saving these dogs. So far Astry and Sully have have remained healthy.

We had great success with Hanwi, our last parvo dog, getting the new parvo monoclonal antibody treatment. It’s very expensive, but works quickly and reduces the impact to the pup. So, we rushed Eclipse and Venus over an hour away, to the nearest vet that has this treatment on hand. This new treatment is just one component in curing parvo. The pups also get anti-nausea and antibiotic shots, along with IV fluids. Our total bill for this single day of treatment for the two dogs was $2550!

Alisa has been up all night the last two nights, trying to push fluids and caring for these dogs. She had great news to report today: The girls got up today, ate a bit and are acting spunky!

If you can help us cover this bill, there are several ways to donate: Use Paypal, credit or debit card here: https://www.paypal.com/us/fundraiser/charity/2134262
CashApp: $LTAR1
Venmo: @laketraverseanimalrezcue code 3420
Or you could call Westside Animal Clinic at (605)878-7297 (M-F)and make a contribution towards our bill. (If you do the latter, please reach out so we can send a donation receipt, since the funds won’t be coming through us, we won’t know who donated.)

A goat?
We got a call from someone that was losing their home, and had several animals that they needed to surrender. One of them was a tiny baby goat! Meet LTAR’s first goat rescue: Lloyd, a Nubian kid buck! He was only about 10 lbs! Luckily our President Alisa Fonder has a farm and has goats herself, so she was set up to take Lloyd in. We found rescue immediately, and Lloyd went to Protecting Paws Animal Rescue in Prior Lake, MN.

Pet House Candle, Car Freshener and Room Spray Fundraiser
Reduce pet odors in your home and vehicle! Purchase any item using our link and LTAR will receive 20% of your purchase price as a donation! This fundraiser runs from April 22nd- May 6th. https://www.onefurallpets.com/pages/collections?rfsn=6227323.b9f233

Artists for Animals Auction April 22nd-28th
We’re trying something new! There’s a Facebook group dedicated to running one auction per year, with all proceeds benefitting animal rescue organizations. This auction is a bit different in that artists and crafters can post items and list the rescue beneficiary of their choice. So, this auction will benefit many different groups. Check in the description of the items to find those that are benefitting the Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue. We haven’t participated in this before, so we have no idea how many items there will be, and how many groups will be beneficiaries. Things we know will benefit us include artwork by Catherine Saucier, Watercolor cat themed greeting cards from Clarissa Wolf, a Custom Pet Watercolor Portrait by Jennifer Mikenas, and jewelry items from Cheryl Anderson. If you’d like to donate an item, you can email laketraversedogs@yahoo.com or PM our Facebook page, or you can post directly on the Artists for Animals Auction page. (If you post, you’d collect the funds yourself then donate them.) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1924057194512095

Thank you for your continued support,
Cheryl Anderson
Vice President, Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue