Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

2020. What a crazy time for our 10 year Anniversary!
The Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue was at risk of a major setback this year. The only spay/neuter clinic we had planned for the year, was cancelled. We scrambled to figure out what we could do, to keep the animal population in check. Working closely with the Wilmot Veterinary Clinic on the reservation, we started up the LTAR Community Vetting Program! Community members contact LTAR through our Facebook page, or via email, with information about the animals that need vetting. Volunteers pass the information to the vet clinic, then the pet owner contacts the veterinarian to schedule an appointment. The vetting is free for pet owners on public assistance, or $20 for those that are not. Over 70 pets have been approved for this program!

At the end of September, we got a surprise offer from the SNIP group from Fargo. They had a cancellation for the first weekend in October and wanted to know if they could come to Lake Traverse. Of course, we said yes! We hurried to secure a location for the event, plan and advertise it. Due to Covid, we required mask use and had the animal check in outside, to keep people safe. During a two-day clinic, the volunteer vet crew were able to spay/neuter exactly 100 animals! Many more stopped in for vaccination boosters.

You can help us continue our LTAR Community Vetting Program by donating for Give to the Max Day here.

Success stories from the year
This summer, there was a little scruffy white stray dog in a neighborhood on the reservation. No one wanted to get near her, because she was a bloody mess. Then one resident noticed her, gave her some food and water, and called us. We picked up the dog and rushed her to the veterinarian. The poor thing had a flesh-eating bacteria! We named her Coral, and No Dog Left Behind stepped up to take her in to their rescue. Coral had about $2,000 in vet work, but is now disease free, and adopted in to a great home.

In October, we sent a young dog to rescue, and he’s now in training to be a service dog!

In early November, one of our volunteers drove from the reservation to the Twin Cities with her husband, son, and a 4-place horse trailer. They made several stops around town and returned to Lake Traverse with a trailer FULL of donations! Thanks to everyone that donated items, including Purina (pet food), Wayzata High School (dog houses), Feeding Furry Friends (wire crates and dog houses), Fur-Ever Home Rescue (crates), Native America Humane Society (cat litter and pet food), and several individuals that donated crates and cat litter.

Our 10 Year History by the Numbers
The Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue began in November 2010, when it was announced that there would be a ban on dogs in tribal housing. Our volunteers petitioned the Tribal Council and prevented the ban from taking place. We knew that there was a long-term need for animal rescue in the community to keep the animal population healthy and keep the number of animals under control.

Since November 2010 we have accomplished:
– 16 spay/neuter & vaccination clinics, free for animals living on the reservation
– 3 vaccination only clinics
– Over 2000 total animals spayed/neutered
– 3624 Animals removed from the reservation and transferred to our rescue partners
o 2017 dogs
o 1573 cats
o 13 rabbits
o 10 horses
o 5 guinea pigs
o 4 mice
o 1 ferret
o 1 donkey

Thank you for your continued support! Stay safe and healthy.
Cheryl Anderson
President, Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue