Welcome to Lake Traverse Animal Rescue’s Blog

Welcome to our new blog!

We have so many things going on that we’ve been completely swamped!  First, obviously we have a new website!  We’re thrilled that Robert and Dale at EinsteinCEO.com did most of the work for us.  Thanks guys!

Just today, we are announcing a new LTAR board member:  Please welcome Allen Dougherty!  Allen has been a volunteer with us for quite a while now.  Allen has been with us for pretty much every one of our Rescue Runs (where we pick up lots of stray animals).  He’s always the one to go in after the scared, hard to catch dogs, and get them to safety.  Among many skills, Allen is also a dog trainer.  We hope to utilize his experience and build up our educational programs.

One of our main fundraisers of the year is going on right now!  It is our Photo Contest/ Calendar fundraiser.  Just submit your favorite animal photo for $5, then we’ll all vote for our favorites, and the winners will appear in our calendar!  How cool is that?  Your pet could be a star!  Visit our photo contest site for more information: http://gbcphotocontest.com/laketraverseanimalrezcue/

We’re also gearing up for our spay/neuter/vaccine clinic in a few weeks.  The dates are Sept 17th-20th.  Let us know if you can help with the clinic, or by making lunches for staff and volunteers.