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February Is Dog Training Education Month

Training is an essential aspect to every responsible dog owner’s plan. Dogs require more than just love and food for their proper upbringing and overall well-being. Most often dogs are trained during their younger years. As puppies, they are said to retain skills much easier, though older adult dogs can still be trained to learn new things.


Dog training is designed to accomplish several goals; to raise a well-respected dog that is happy, friendly, and able to interact with other dogs in your community. To build a relationship based on confidence that your dog will behave correctly around other adults, strangers and children.


There are several different types of training for dogs. Basic training is typically house training, and basic commands like “sit” and “stay”. This is generally the first type of training for any dog. It is necessary for proper domestication of the dog to prevent any issues. There are numerous websites, which have informative guides and tips on training your new friend. If you would rather leave it to a professional you are sure to find one in your area.


Another form of dog training is corrective training which is geared toward changing a behavior like chewing furniture or jumping on strangers. This type is generally more difficult but still doable if you’re dedicated.


Dogs are a very useful part of society. Without adequate training though, not much differentiates a dog from any other animal in the wild. Dog training should be understood as a central part of ownership prior to purchasing or adopting. The trick is to work with the dog’s natural instincts and behaviors, not against them.

Educate yourself and understand what is involved with proper dog training, and remember, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!


Did you know that February is also Responsible Pet Owner Month? This is the month that pet owners are urged to get their pets spayed and neutered. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that six to eight million cats and dogs end up in animal shelters every year. Please spay or neuter your pet and discover what you can do to take part in Responsible Pet Owner Month.

The last thing I have to offer up is that February is Pet Dental Health Month. Your pet’s dental health is a very important part of having a healthy pet. You can brush your dog or cat’s teeth but if the problem is more advanced, take them to your vet for a proper cleaning.

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