Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone!
First I want to wish you a Happy Holiday! If you haven’t purchased a present, star or an ornament for our LTAR Tree of Giving, now is the time! Remember, all donations are tax deductible. We’ll be sending receipts right around the first of the year for your taxes. All donations received go right to helping LTAR animals. It will help cover the costs of emergency vetting, or will be put towards our spay/neuter programs.

Brrr….it’s getting cold outside! That means it’s time for a Reservation Rescue Run. We had to postpone our December run due to the big snowstorm. Our next planned date is Sat, Jan 5th. We will be picking up strays, as well as having a puppy drop off site. The more unwanted animals we can get off the rez that day, the better. And yes, we do these primarily during cold weather months, because the dogs stay in the neighborhoods and are easier to find. And, boy some of them are really happy to get in to a warm car. We have heard there are a lot of strays right now, and we’re hoping to rectify that.

We’re hosting a Vaccination Clinic on Jan 10th from 9am -1pm! Our wonderful Dr Paula from Valley Vet will be in Sisseton to administer Rabies and DHPP vaccines for dogs and Rabies and PRC vaccines for cats. DHPP vaccines will help prevent Parvo and Distemper, which are two diseases we have seen in Rez dogs. PRC vaccines will prevent Distemper as well as some respiratory illnesses in cats. In 2012 we received some grant money from the ASPCA to help cover the costs of vaccines for rez animals. A portion of the grant helped cover our vaccination costs during our spay/neuter clinics. We have funds left over from that grant, so we are hosting a vaccination clinic in Sisseton. Exact location info to follow.

Our 2013 spay/neuter clinic dates are: May 9-11 and Sept 12-14. They will be 3 day clinics, but both clinics will include a Saturday surgery day! Mark your calendars now, so you can either bring in your animals to be altered and vaccinated, or so you can help with the clinic!

We still have some calendars left! We’re doing a Christmas sale this week. For $15, you’ll get an LTAR calendar, LTAR tote bag and LTAR bracelet, and it includes shipping! Order a set now for your favorite pet lover! Here’s the link to get in on the special offer.

We also have some GREAT news! Annie, our first horse to come through LTAR has been adopted! She was found in the gravel pit area and the Sheriff contacted us for help. We had her in a foster home and took care of emergency vetting, and the basic testing to make sure she didn’t have anything contagious. She is happily settling in to her new forever home, where she will be loved and cherished for the rest of her life. Thanks to Andrea’s Angels for taking her in and finding her a great home.

Happy Holidays, and we’re looking forward to a great 2013!
Cheryl (LTAR board)