It’s been a while…..

I’m definitely running behind when it comes to blogging and getting a newsletter out. The newsletter is changing formats, and there is a lot of set up to make it happen initially. But, once it’s done the first time, it should be smooth sailing from there. Here are all of my fall updates, and I’ll be getting another blog done later this week.

They’re Fixed!
In September we held our 3rd Spay/Neuter/Vaccination clinic on the reservation. A veterinary crew from MNSNAP came to town with their mobile surgical unit, and spent 4 days doing surgeries. During the event 114 animals were altered! This puts us up to just over 300 reservation animals that we have altered. We provide this service free of charge to reservation residents. It is funded completely through fundraisers, grants and donations. This is the last clinic for 2012. Hot off the Press!!! Our 2013 clinic dates are: May 9-11 and Sept 12-14. They will be 3 day clinics, but both clinics will include a Saturday surgery day!

Sisseton pound update
When I was in town for our September clinic, I met the person that runs the Sisseton City pound. Mark is a volunteer that is working to make sure the animals are safe and healthy while they are at the pound, and that they get out safely in to rescue. I had seen the pound from the outside before, but finally got a chance to go inside. The building is actually a city maintenance garage. There is a garage door, but no windows, no heat or A/C. There are 4 dog kennels just inside the door. Mark has zero budget for his work at the pound. He has recycled roadway signs to cover up the holes that had been chewed in the kennel fencing, and built wooden platforms for sleeping areas, so the dogs don’t need to lay on the concrete. He has also set up a dog crate to use in case cats are brought to the pound. He is doing some great work, but really needed some help!

We posted a plea on Facebook in October for some basic supplies to help the animals at the pound. Our generous supporters purchased heat lamps, bulbs, heated water dishes, stainless steel food bowls, leashes and gift cards to help improve conditions at the pound. LTAR also gave bedding items to help keep the animals more comfortable. We will ensure that they have food and supplies going forward. The only thing remaining on their wish list is more stainless steel bowls, and to use for food as water bowls in the summer.

Twin Cities Fundraiser!
The Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue was privileged to participate in the second annual Pause 4 Paws fundraiser in Medina, MN on Thursday, Nov 8th. Pause 4 Paws is a group of animal advocates that use their skills to host fundraising events for smaller rescue groups. All proceeds go right to the participating rescues. The event featured the KFAN morning crew as emcee’s, a silent auction, live auction, wall of wine, and musical entertainment. LTAR had a booth at the event, where we provided information about the rescue, and sold donated items!

Thanks for your support! ~Cheryl