LTAR November 2013 newsletter

Subsidize a Spay, Sponsor a Neuter
To walk around the reservation, you realize that many animals there live differently than in the city. Rez animals often are not in fenced yards, on leashes or tethers. Instead they are often running loose, interacting with the people and other pets of the community. Of course the problem that arises is pet over-population. With so many animals running loose, it is nearly impossible to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The only way we can take a bite out of this problem is to ensure we spay and neuter as many animals as possible. Our spay/neuter clinic bills totaled over $11,000 for 2013! The majority of our fundraising for the year goes to pay for our spay/neuter clinics. In September, we vetted 90 animals free of charge for residents of the reservation. We have two fundraisers in the works to pay off the bill from September, and to start to bank money for the clinics next year: the Schwan’s Fundraiser and the Online Auction

Schwan’s Fundraiser
Stock up on great food and desserts for the holidays! Now through December 4th, purchase any items online from Schwan’s, using our special link and Schwan’s will donate 20% of your total purchase to help Lake Traverse Animals. You can also purchase a $25 e-certificate for Schwan’s, and $10 for each purchased will go directly to LTAR. (Limit one per guest) The fundraiser doesn’t end there…..for the next 11 months, using our link, Schwan’s will donate 5% of every purchase to the Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue.

Online Auction
Do you love an auction? Be sure to visit ours and bid on some great items. Saturday, November 9th from 10:00am to Tuesday, November 12th at 7:00pm, Helping Paws will be hosting an online auction for the Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue. There will be something for everyone in our auction. We have everything from tickets to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater, to a St Boni Motorsports gift card, handmade blankets, Purify Your Body foot pads, “Thirty One” bags, jewelry, to doggy tutu’s, and everything in between! Be sure to visit our auction and get in on the bidding. Auction photo album

Rez Rescue Roundup
On Saturday, November 16th, LTAR will host a roundup of stray animals on the reservation. Any dog running loose without a collar could be taken. We will have volunteers and rescue groups from out of town on the reservation, guided by local volunteers. As we find animals, we will secure rescue for them, and take them with us. If you are on the rez, please make sure your animals have collars, or are confined that day. We’re there to find strays and don’t want to mistakenly take a cherished pet. We will be slowly driving around the housing areas looking for stray animals. If you have strays in your area, it would be amazing if you could tether them on that day, and let us know, so we can easily find them. Often we hear about strays, then drive the neighborhoods and can’t find them. Please help us help your community by temporarily hanging on to strays for us if you can.

Happy Anniversary Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue!
Did you know that the Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue’s first Rez Rescue Roundup was on November 20, 2010? Yep, our 3 year anniversary is coming up in a matter of days. By the time our anniversary arrives, we will have removed about 1300 animals and spayed/neutered about 400 animals. Whew! That’s a lot of work! If you want to join our team and make a difference for animals in your community, please let us know. We really need help on the reservation right now, as Shannon, our main intake person will be having a baby any time now! Her main back up, is her mom Joan, so we may have to close intake temporarily when the child is born, if we don’t find additional help. Also Abby, our Transport Coordinator will be out soon on maternity leave, too. This can be done from anywhere in the country.

Twin Cities Craft Show
Mark your calendars! We will be participating in the Secondhand Hounds Arts Crafts and More Sale, at Eisenhower Community Center on Hwy 7 in Hopkins, on Saturday, November 23rd. Watch our website and Facebook page for more information. Proceeds from this event will go to help cover our emergency vet bills.