January 2014 Newsletter

Success in 2013! Our 2013 numbers are in: Last year we saved a total of 431 animals!  There were 262 dogs, 165 cats, 3 horses,  and 1 donkey!   We spayed/neutered and vaccinated 161 animals that will remain on the rez, during our two 3-day clinics.  Thank you to all of our foster homes, volunteers, transporters, sponsors, donors, and rescue partners for making it such a successful year.
Cats with Jobs Update! In December, we ran an online “Cats with Jobs” Fundraiser.  Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we raised $530 to get a start on spaying and neutering feral cats.  We also held a December online auction to supplement what we already raised for this project. We were fortunate to have found a great farm home that will supply food, water and warm shelter for these cats
Here are the stories of some of the cats we’ve helped with these funds:  The first feral cat was female, we named her Annabelle.  She had a litter of kittens. The staff at the Dakota Connection helped trap Annabelle and her kittens. We put them in to an LTAR foster home, where the kittens could be socialized with people.   As soon as her kittens were weaned, Annabelle was spayed. vaccinated, FIV tested and sent to the farm.  She had five kittens, which were sent to rescue in the Twin Cities. The next  batch was a Mama kitty and her five kittens.  They were being fed by an elderly couple in Sisseton.  The kittens were born in June 2013.  The elderly couple was worried about how they would survive the winter.  Four of the kittens were spayed/neutered, vaccinated, FIV tested and went to a local farm.  The Mama cat and one of her kittens followed several weeks later. In this case, the kittens were at an age where it becomes much harder to socialize them, and our main feral cat foster had a newborn baby herself.
We still have several ferals that need to be trapped and moved.  We prioritized those that were living outside.  The remaining cats are living in a barn with food and water, but they are not vetted, and have been reproducing.  We just sent some pregnant momma’s from this colony in to rescue last weekend.    Big Transports! We’ve started off the year with a bang!  Our first two transports in 2014 have been big ones.  On January 12th, we sent a total of 16 dogs, puppies and cats to rescue.  On January 25th, there were a total of 15 dogs and cats, and some were pregnant.  Thanks to our Transport Coordinator, foster homes, transporters, and rescue partners for making this possible. It is great to have open foster homes again.
Thirty One Fundraiser Support LTAR in our Thirty One Fundraiser now through January 30th! 20% of the item(s) cost (pre-tax and shipping) will be donated back to LTAR! Orders must be placed online no later than 8:00pm on January 30th. Shop online at: https://www.mythirtyone.com/shop/catalog.aspx?eventId=E4136127&from=DIRECTLINK
January special: Spend $35 and get 50% off 1 of the following 8 items (hang-up activity organizer, flip-flop organizing bin, your way rectangle, pack n’ pull caddy, hang-up space saver, your way junior cube, your way cube, room for two utility tote). Many of these items would be great for organizing all of those belongings for your beloved pets.
Show Your Love! Visit our website to have Cupid shoot a heart with your favorite pet or loved ones name on it.  With a $25 donation, you can specify a recipient to get a Valentines card mailed to them.  http://laketraverseanimalrezcue.com/show-ltar-the-love/
Save the date March 19-23- Online Auction to raise funds for the spay/neuter clinic April 13-16 Spay/Neuter clinic in Sisseton