Winter Blues?

It’s cold outside! But, that doesn’t stop LTAR volunteers and supporters! During our Rez Rescue Run on Jan 5th, 11 dogs and 8 cats went to rescue! We thought we’d find more, because we were hearing that there were a lot of strays. But, that means that probably some of them that people thought were strays, were actually owned pets.

We had our first vaccination clinic on Thurs, Jan 10th. We vaccinated 30 dogs and 8 cats that day. We’re working hard to stop the spread of diseases in animals. The Wonderful Dr Paula from Valley Vet Clinic closed her offices for the morning to come to Sisseton for our clinic. We highly recommend Dr Paula and her staff if anyone is looking for a vet near the reservation. Their phone is (320) 695-2513. Funding for this event was provided thanks to a Vaccination Grant provided by the ASPCA! We had also used a portion of our grant money to cover the vaccinations done during our spay/neuter clinics in 2012. We have a little bit of grant money left over, so we will be purchasing vaccinations to have on hand for animals going on transport.






We’ve got several great fundraisers in the works. First, TODAY and TOMORROW, stop by the LTAR booth at the Winter Show in Sisseton. Aliive Roberts County generously donated some of their space for an LTAR booth, so that we wouldn’t have to pay to be at the show. We will have calendars, tote bags, ceramics and many other items for sale at our booth. All proceeds will go right to helping animal on the reservation.  And I hear it is a bright, sun-shiny day on the rez!  A perfect day to get out and get rid of the winter blues!

Have you ever wanted to go to a MN Wild hockey game? We currently have a raffle for a pair of MN Wild tickets! The tickets are for the Sun, Feb 17th game at 5pm against the Detroit Red Wings!  A $5 donation gets you in the drawing for the tickets. The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have of winning. The drawing will be held on Wed 1/23, so you will have plenty of time to plan your trip to the Xcel Energy Center if you win. All donations are tax deductible. Visit our website to enter the drawing.

Make this Valentine’s Day a special one for your pet, with our Show LTAR the Love Fundraiser. Make a donation, and Cupid will shoot out a heart with your pets name on it! If you make a $20 donation, your pet will get a Valentine in the mail, addressed to them! Look forward to this fundraiser starting immediately following the Wild ticket fundraiser. Remember, all donations are tax deductible!

We are also planning an Indian Taco sale in Sisseton in February! Watch our website and facebook page for more information. We are still working to plan the date for the event. You will be able to pre-order you Indian Tacos, and they’ll be made fresh for you that day. This was a hugely popular event when we did it last year. For our fans that don’t live on the rez and may not know what an Indian Taco is, it is a piece of fry bread, usually about 6 inches in diameter, and just over an inch thick, topped with taco meat and all the usual taco fixings and you eat it with a knife and fork! YUM!

I’m also going to throw out a teaser for another event we’ll have coming in the next month or two… will be a “Break-a-thon”! Watch our website and facebook for more details as we get the plans for this one ironed out.

Did you know there was a Sisseton City pound? We have always pulled animals from the Sisseton City pound, when their time was up. This fall, we worked with Mark, who manages the shelter to make it more comfortable for animals in the winter. The Sisseton City pound is located inside a tin maintenance building in town. There are no windows, no heat, no air conditioning, and no real budget! We added items to our LTAR wish list that would specifically be used at the pound, such as heat lamps, heated water bowls and stainless steel food bowls. The fans of our facebook page generously donated the items needed. We also supplied bedding, and a good slip leash. Mark would love to get some collars and leashes for use at the pound. So, the next batch ordered off of our wish list, will be sent to the pound.


We hope everyone is having a great winter! Be sure to let us know if you have litters of puppies or kittens that you need help with, or if you have strays in your neighborhood that need help. We remove animals from the reservation to help reduce the animal over-population problems on the rez. All animals we remove go to foster based rescue groups that specialize in finding great homes for animals. You can email us at, post on our facebook page or call 605-742-0219 if you know of animals that need help. Thanks for your support!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!
We have a lot of things coming up in the next two weeks. This Saturday, Jan 5th will be our first Rez Rescue Run of the 2012-2013 winter. We always do these during the winter, as it is easy to find the animals in need. During warm weather the strays are running the countryside. In the winter they stay in closer to the neighborhoods so they can find food. We still need volunteer drivers and co-pilots to assist withh the run, as well as rescues that can take animals that day. It is a long day, but a very rewarding experience.

On Thurs, Jan 10th from 9-1 we are holding our first ever vaccination clinic. We received grant money from the ASPCA for vaccines, and it needs to be used up by the end of January. I’ll publish the location of the clinic as soon as I have it.

Since our inception in Nov 2010, LTAR has saved about 975 animals by removing them from the reservation and sending them in to rescue. We have also Spayed/Neutered about 315 animals during that time, with the majority of them remaining on the reservation.

The one bit of bad news is that our website will be going away, and will be rebuilt on a free web hosting site. I didn’t realize the cost for this site would be $360 per year, and that would just take away too much of our money that needs to go to helping the animals. Look forward to a new site coming soon. I’m not sure exactly when this one will be disabled.

Here’s looking forward to a great 2013!
Thanks for your support!

Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone!
First I want to wish you a Happy Holiday! If you haven’t purchased a present, star or an ornament for our LTAR Tree of Giving, now is the time! Remember, all donations are tax deductible. We’ll be sending receipts right around the first of the year for your taxes. All donations received go right to helping LTAR animals. It will help cover the costs of emergency vetting, or will be put towards our spay/neuter programs.

Brrr….it’s getting cold outside! That means it’s time for a Reservation Rescue Run. We had to postpone our December run due to the big snowstorm. Our next planned date is Sat, Jan 5th. We will be picking up strays, as well as having a puppy drop off site. The more unwanted animals we can get off the rez that day, the better. And yes, we do these primarily during cold weather months, because the dogs stay in the neighborhoods and are easier to find. And, boy some of them are really happy to get in to a warm car. We have heard there are a lot of strays right now, and we’re hoping to rectify that.

We’re hosting a Vaccination Clinic on Jan 10th from 9am -1pm! Our wonderful Dr Paula from Valley Vet will be in Sisseton to administer Rabies and DHPP vaccines for dogs and Rabies and PRC vaccines for cats. DHPP vaccines will help prevent Parvo and Distemper, which are two diseases we have seen in Rez dogs. PRC vaccines will prevent Distemper as well as some respiratory illnesses in cats. In 2012 we received some grant money from the ASPCA to help cover the costs of vaccines for rez animals. A portion of the grant helped cover our vaccination costs during our spay/neuter clinics. We have funds left over from that grant, so we are hosting a vaccination clinic in Sisseton. Exact location info to follow.

Our 2013 spay/neuter clinic dates are: May 9-11 and Sept 12-14. They will be 3 day clinics, but both clinics will include a Saturday surgery day! Mark your calendars now, so you can either bring in your animals to be altered and vaccinated, or so you can help with the clinic!

We still have some calendars left! We’re doing a Christmas sale this week. For $15, you’ll get an LTAR calendar, LTAR tote bag and LTAR bracelet, and it includes shipping! Order a set now for your favorite pet lover! Here’s the link to get in on the special offer.

We also have some GREAT news! Annie, our first horse to come through LTAR has been adopted! She was found in the gravel pit area and the Sheriff contacted us for help. We had her in a foster home and took care of emergency vetting, and the basic testing to make sure she didn’t have anything contagious. She is happily settling in to her new forever home, where she will be loved and cherished for the rest of her life. Thanks to Andrea’s Angels for taking her in and finding her a great home.

Happy Holidays, and we’re looking forward to a great 2013!
Cheryl (LTAR board)

It’s been a while…..

I’m definitely running behind when it comes to blogging and getting a newsletter out. The newsletter is changing formats, and there is a lot of set up to make it happen initially. But, once it’s done the first time, it should be smooth sailing from there. Here are all of my fall updates, and I’ll be getting another blog done later this week.

They’re Fixed!
In September we held our 3rd Spay/Neuter/Vaccination clinic on the reservation. A veterinary crew from MNSNAP came to town with their mobile surgical unit, and spent 4 days doing surgeries. During the event 114 animals were altered! This puts us up to just over 300 reservation animals that we have altered. We provide this service free of charge to reservation residents. It is funded completely through fundraisers, grants and donations. This is the last clinic for 2012. Hot off the Press!!! Our 2013 clinic dates are: May 9-11 and Sept 12-14. They will be 3 day clinics, but both clinics will include a Saturday surgery day!

Sisseton pound update
When I was in town for our September clinic, I met the person that runs the Sisseton City pound. Mark is a volunteer that is working to make sure the animals are safe and healthy while they are at the pound, and that they get out safely in to rescue. I had seen the pound from the outside before, but finally got a chance to go inside. The building is actually a city maintenance garage. There is a garage door, but no windows, no heat or A/C. There are 4 dog kennels just inside the door. Mark has zero budget for his work at the pound. He has recycled roadway signs to cover up the holes that had been chewed in the kennel fencing, and built wooden platforms for sleeping areas, so the dogs don’t need to lay on the concrete. He has also set up a dog crate to use in case cats are brought to the pound. He is doing some great work, but really needed some help!

We posted a plea on Facebook in October for some basic supplies to help the animals at the pound. Our generous supporters purchased heat lamps, bulbs, heated water dishes, stainless steel food bowls, leashes and gift cards to help improve conditions at the pound. LTAR also gave bedding items to help keep the animals more comfortable. We will ensure that they have food and supplies going forward. The only thing remaining on their wish list is more stainless steel bowls, and to use for food as water bowls in the summer.

Twin Cities Fundraiser!
The Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue was privileged to participate in the second annual Pause 4 Paws fundraiser in Medina, MN on Thursday, Nov 8th. Pause 4 Paws is a group of animal advocates that use their skills to host fundraising events for smaller rescue groups. All proceeds go right to the participating rescues. The event featured the KFAN morning crew as emcee’s, a silent auction, live auction, wall of wine, and musical entertainment. LTAR had a booth at the event, where we provided information about the rescue, and sold donated items!

Thanks for your support! ~Cheryl

Lots of great updates!

First, we have a very exciting event coming up on November 8th in the Twin Cities! Pause 4 Paws MN is a group of animal advocates that help small rescue groups with fundraising. They are hosting an event at the Medina Ballroom, and LTAR has been chosen to participate! See our Events page for more information about the event, and ordering tickets.

Wow. We have been really busy this fall! During our spay/neuter clinic in September, we altered 114 reservation animals! That puts us up over 310 spay/neuter surgeries since we started in Nov 2010. I just heard our tentative clinic dates for 2013 are May 9-11 and Sept 12-14. That means we will have 3 day clinics next year, but they will include Saturday surgeries!

Our 2013 calendars are on sale now! Fans and friends submitted their favorite animal photos and then everyone voted for their favorites. The top vote getters are featured in large size photos on our calendar. Many animals that live on the reservation, or have been rescued from the reservation are included. The calendars have shipped and will be arriving on 10/31/12. Order yours today, by clicking on “I want to Help!” on the menu bar then, “2013- LTAR calendar” to go to the order form. Calendars will also be available for sale at the Pause 4 Paws fundraiser, and at at events in Sisseton the weekend of Nov 10th and in December at general council. (More info on these two events will be coming soon)

Remember, we can only continue to save these animals with your help. Please donate your time, animal related products, purchase one of our fundraiser items, or donate money to our emergency vetting fund. See our “I want to help!” tab for more information.

To date we have saved:
636 dogs
304 cats
1 horse
1 rabbit
1 ferret